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Publication Num.
Brief Description PubMed ID
Golla U et al., 2016 4 Genome-wide expression profiling after Valproic acid treatment in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (details) 27734932
Gomar-Alba M et al., 2015 4 Response of yeast cells to high glucose involves molecular and physiological differences when compared to other osmostress conditions. (details) 26048894
Gomez-Gonzalez B et al., 2011 10 Genome-wide function of THO/TREX in active genes prevents R-loop-dependent replication obstacles. (details) 21701562
Gonzalez A et al., 2006 10 Transcriptional profiling of the protein phosphatase 2C family in yeast provides insights into the unique functional roles of Ptc1. (details) 16973600
Gonzalez A et al., 2013 14 Ptc6 is required for proper rapamycin-induced down-regulation of the genes coding for ribosomal and rRNA processing proteins in S. cerevisiae. (details) 23704987
Gonzalez-Aguilera C et al., 2011 6 Nab2 functions in the metabolism of RNA driven by polymerases II and III. (details) 21680710
Gonzalez-Aguilera C et al., 2011 15 Nab2 functions in the metabolism of RNA driven by polymerases II and III. (details) 21680710
Goossens KV et al., 2015 17 Molecular mechanism of flocculation self-recognition in yeast and its role in mating and survival. (details) 25873380
Gresham D et al., 2008 63 The repertoire and dynamics of evolutionary adaptations to controlled nutrient-limited environments in yeast. (details) 19079573
Gross C et al., 2000 6 Copper regulon (details) 10922376
Grund SE et al., 2008 6 The inner nuclear membrane protein Src1 associates with subtelomeric genes and alters their regulated gene expression. (details) 18762579
Guan Q et al., 2006 96 Impact of nonsense-mediated mRNA decay on the global expression profile of budding yeast. (details) 17166056
Guan Q et al., 2012 11 Cellular memory of acquired stress resistance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. (details) 22851651
Guo Y et al., 2006 11 Response to aflatoxin B1; 2 hr time course (details) 16122766
Guo Y et al., 2006 10 Response to aflatoxin B1; dose response at 2 hrs (details) 16122766
Hao N et al., 2012 56 Signal-dependent dynamics of transcription factor translocation controls gene expression. (details) 22179789
Hardwick JS et al., 1999 14 Rapamycin exposure (details) 10611304
Hasunuma T et al., 2014 12 Co-expression of TAL1 and ADH1 in recombinant xylose-fermenting Saccharomyces cerevisiae improves ethanol production from lignocellulosic hydrolysates in the presence of furfural. (details) 23916856
Haugen AC et al., 2004 4 Expression in response to arsenic (time and dose) (details) 15575969
Haugen AC et al., 2004 13 Role of transcription factors in adaptation to arsenic-induced stress (details) 15575969
Hazelwood LA et al., 2008 12 The Ehrlich pathway for fusel alcohol production: a century of research on Saccharomyces cerevisiae metabolism. (details) 18281432
Hebly M et al., 2014 17 Physiological and transcriptional responses of anaerobic chemostat cultures of Saccharomyces cerevisiae subjected to diurnal temperature cycles. (details) 24814792
Herrera-Moyano E et al., 2014 9 The yeast and human FACT chromatin-reorganizing complexes solve R-loop-mediated transcription-replication conflicts. (details) 24636987
Hickman MJ et al., 2007 6 Heme levels switch the function of Hap1 of Saccharomyces cerevisiae between transcriptional activator and transcriptional repressor. (details) 17785431
Hodges AJ et al., 2015 6 Histone Sprocket Arginine Residues Are Important for Gene Expression, DNA Repair, and Cell Viability in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. (details) 25971662
Hoffman EA et al., 2015 2 Break-seq reveals hydroxyurea-induced chromosome fragility as a result of unscheduled conflict between DNA replication and transcription. (details) 25609572
Holbein S et al., 2009 9 Cordycepin interferes with 3' end formation in yeast independently of its potential to terminate RNA chain elongation. (details) 19324962
Hong KK et al., 2012 14 Recovery of phenotypes obtained by adaptive evolution through inverse metabolic engineering. (details) 22904057
Hong KK et al., 2011 12 Unravelling evolutionary strategies of yeast for improving galactose utilization through integrated systems level analysis. (details) 21715660
Hou J et al., 2014 12 Management of the endoplasmic reticulum stress by activation of the heat shock response in yeast. (details) 24237754